Strengths For The Anchorage Position Of Data Processing Manager

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I respectfully submit my resume and my answers to the 10 desired strengths for the Anchorage position of Data Processing Manager I. My answers follow each of the numbered requests in bold.
1. Strong leadership skills, demonstrated while working cooperatively and productively with numerous individuals with diverse expertise within ADF&G.
Leadership is of my strengths. This was evident during my tenure at CTG while I managed the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (APSC) account. As the Industry Site Manager, I lead the CTG teams that supported Alyeska through a Notice to Cure. The Notice to Cure was given to CTG prior to my arrival. During this process, I worked with multiple teams and user base at Alyeska and in one case, with the CTG
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This ensured consistent methodology across all projects large or small. This, coupled with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), formed the basis of “fit-for-purpose” and aligning the IT support services with the needs of the business.
3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including a proven ability to organize and present technical ideas in a convincing and compelling manner to diverse internal audiences.
As Interim President of Futaris, I was tasked with providing highly technical information to the board of directors. Primarily regarding the projects our Futaris team was implementing to grow the business, with a focus on broadband satellite communications, fiber optic cables, computing, and SIP telecommunications. Presentations were made both in-person and through written format. It was necessary to simplify complex technical concepts by equating them to something with which a non-technical person would be more familiar.
As an example, many had never seen a fiber optic cable and had no idea how they functioned. I simply showed them a short piece of fiber cable and illustrated the properties of how light travels through the fibers. The board was pleased and understood the message with very few questions.
4. Strong management and supervisory experience

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