Strengths Of A Care Giver And An Infant

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Strengths of attachment theory are that interaction between a care giver and an infant (Berghaos, 2011). This theory made us understand the importance of responding to an infant’s cry can help them form an attachment (Berghaos, 2011). This led us to understand Ainsworth idea of that interaction as a secure base for the infant (Berghaos, 2011). Critics have said that some early attachments do not become consistent throughout the individuals life (Berghaos, 2011). They believe that attachment theory is too simple to explain adult relationships and psychopathology (Berghaos, 2011). Social work values and ethics Lifespan Theories like Erikson’s psychosocial stages have been highly accepted with social workers and human service disciplines (Osborne, 2007). The strengths oriented perspectives have been prevalent in social work values (Osborne, 2007). The concepts and dimensions of the theories have been implemented in a range of practices (Osborne, 2007). This ranges from theory building to understanding human life. Social workers are well aware of the era in which the theories were developed. They were geared toward middle class and males (Osborne, 2007). Despite this, they have used person-in-environment to show how lifespan theory is important to human development (Osborne, 2007). Social workers use the theory to understand different age groups. They still need to build on the life span theory due to its advancement in knowledge. Understanding of human behavior An
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