Strengths Of Groupon

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Beeconomic now as Groupon Singapore is an e-commerce marketplace connecting consumers with local merchants. Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts in wide variety of categories such as restaurants, spas, short-term courses, and travel etc. Their discount range varies from 50 % to 90% which attract customers in using Groupon because of their low price and heavy discount. It also serves as an advertising engine and a stronger brand recognition for local business. In exchange for advertisement and sales assistance, Groupon takes 50% of revenue earned and this amount depends on the vendors.

Value Proposition
Groupon has provided value to the business. One of their key benefits is to gain new customers by their bulk discounts. After using Groupon customers learn its benefits and will continue using it due to its discount, not only that if the business provides quality
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Firstly, Groupon due to its strong brand recognition it attracts lots of customers to use Groupon, new customers who looking for inexpensive deals and chance to save money will use Groupon more often. It also attracts new merchants by giving them a way to market their product so customers will know the presence of their business.
Secondly, Groupon offers deals from a large number of local merchants offering various range of product and service that cater to many groups of people, with its large supplier base it attracts more customers. Groupon operates globally across 45 countries.
Lastly, good relationship. Groupon goes both ways it has a strong relationship with the customers and the merchants by offering them discount deals and business opportunity. It is also easily accessible because it offers an app for mobile platform while its competitors are available only in web
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