Strengths Of Nike

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Nike+ has much strength that differentiates it from its competition. In example, the main strength of Nike+ is that it is the first of its kind. Prior to the Nike+, runners used several devices to calculate their time, heart rate, and calories burned which were often cumbersome to runners and caused hassle and inaccuracies. In addition, they did not have the amount of features existent in the Nike+/iPod Nano combination which allows a runner to listen to music and receive running statistics (calories burned, time elapsed, distance run, etc.). In addition to Nike+’s features, a runner may also customize their own workout. Through this functionality, the runner may sync certain music for different points in their workout to serve as motivation. Additionally, the consumer may also plug their results into iTunes and share specific songs with friends and family. Because this product is the first of its kind, it fills an empty market. In summary, this product is unique, convenient, and technologically advanced.
Another strength that the product has is its coalition with the iPod. Although the Nike+ and the iPod are sold separately, a very strong partnership has been developed between the two. Nike, as well as Apple, has a very strong reputation with its customers as
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Although the product is already exceedingly advanced in technology, it still has room for advancement. To illustrate, the Nike+ is paving the way for exercise criteria devices. The product can not only advance with its developments but it can advance with its use. In addition to being used for running, it can advance into other sports and uses as well. Because the brand is extremely popular among our targeted segments, there are also opportunities to expand the brand to newer models, clothing apparel lines, and other accessories such as
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