Strengths Strong Market Position Of Ups

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Strengths-Strong market position Package delivery is the core of UPS’s operation, and the firm has mastered a simple service of safe, on-time delivery. UPS possesses a strong domestic presence and is increasing its international market position by delivering 18.3 million pieces of parcel daily, and services every physical address in North America and Europe (UPS Fact Sheet, n.d.). The firm owns one of the largest airline fleets and operates global airport hubs located in Kentucky, Florida, Germany, China, Canada, and Latin America. It is evident, UPS replicates one simple service several million times a day, which is delivering packages. UPS Supply Chain Solutions include a synchronized approach to exceed consumer expectations. Its services include transportation, consulting options, contract logistics, and various other services sure to meet any consumer or industry needs. The firm’s experience in high-tech automation and expertise in freight handling provides accessibility to every industry that requires product relocation. People rely on UPS for quick deliveries and integrated solutions that enhance supply chain opportunities. Broad portfolio of services. A strong infrastructure has provided the firm with a luxury to extend its portfolio to offer effective Supply Chain and logistics solutions. “The company pursues sustainable business practices worldwide through operational efficiency, fleet advances, facility engineering projects, and conservation-enabling

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