Strengths and Weaknesses

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To: Date: 13/6/13 Strengths and weaknesses I have a number of key strengths that are contributive to working as a competent manager. I have sound logic, am diplomatic and disciplined and approach social situations with an open mind and an eagerness to understand. While all of these are personal traits, undoubtedly they are ever present in my working life. Each of these traits, in my opinion, allows me to make a balanced assessment of a multitude of situations. There are, of course, a few areas that I need to develop which will also hone the skills that I…show more content…
• Attention to detail - I sometimes find that, in my eagerness to be efficient, I will miss key issues that I would otherwise consider very carefully if working at a slower pace. • Frustration - I get frustrated with Visual Merchandising when the given rules dont apply to the particular task and a compromise needs to be found. Loss Control I am particularly interested in Loss Control because it affects the efficiency of the company and is something that must be done routinely and thoroughly. There are rules that must be followed and so it is also something that I enjoy completing. Strengths: • Consistency - Loss control is something that is necessary for any commercial business to succeed. Following guidelines compiled by Loss Control managers is a top priority. I pride myself on consistently and strictly monitoring loss within the company at all times. • Awareness - Over the past few months I have made a conscious effort to monitor Loss Control, both internal and external. I ensure that I fulfil my duty and communicate any concerns or incidents to the Loss Control department. Weaknesses: • Audit - I have not yet carried out an audit and have only a basic theoretical knowledge which, of course, needs to be developed and expanded upon. • Staff training - I need to develop new and innovative ways of training staff in Loss Control. I have previously trained staff but recently

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