Strengths and Weaknesses of Apple

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Apple Company SW Analysis Abstract This paper will attempt to identify the strengths, weaknesses, of the Apple Company; a multimillion dollar technological company. There are several aspects of the Apple Company that makes it strong in the industry however there are also areas of weakness that makes the company vulnerable to its competition. This paper will outline the company’s strengths and how it dominates in this ever changing technological world. At the same time this paper will outline the company’s weakness and how it can overcome these flaws. Apple Introduction Apple revolutionized the computer world since 1970. They have been the most innovative organization since the invention of computers. This California based company…show more content…
The company has produced products such as the Apple brand, Macintosh and Power Mac Computer; but it doesn’t stop here. Apple created its biggest product; the iPod. Since then they have continuously stayed a top of their gallant perseverance of creating the leading product in technology. They’ve created iPhones, iPad, and have improved their computers to stay abreast of the embryonic technology. In fact in 2013 according to Su (2013), Apple Inc., has once again bested other companies for the prestigious title of the World 's Most Innovative Company in 2013. It is a well-known fact in the business world that, companies who remain on top are the ones that can think of the most creative approaches to an idea and act on it quickly. Time and time again Apple has shown the world that it is atop of innovations and thus creates a competitive advantage. Strong marketing and advertising Marketing is one of Apple’s strongest asset. When Apple was first incorporated their leader incorporated a 3 point marketing strategy and till this day this strategy has made them successful in the marketing world. Their 3 philosophy is to empathize, focus, and impute. Apple’s focus on empathizing with their customers helps them understand what the customers really want. They focus on the customer’s needs and dump out all the unimportant factors. Thirdly they impute by creating the best design and

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