Strengths and Weaknesses of Toyota

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Toyota Module 3-Case Study [Pick the date] Student Name Toyota is a key player in global automotive market. Its structure constitutes if various production plants in different locations and a very strong branding which helps it capture a major market share. Like other enterprises, Toyota has several strengths and weakness which makes it what it is now. Toyota heavily invests in Research and development which helps it come up reputable product line which is spread out throughout the world because of its strengthening global distribution network however its recent product recalling, loose grip in key geographic areas and wrong allocation of resources shows that even a strong brand like Toyota has its weaknesses. Toyota Strengths: Toyota's Strong Market Position and Brand Recognition Toyota enjoys a major share in different regions in the world. Its total share in the world for the year 2011 is given a follow as per DataMonitor's report 2011 on Toyota: Japan 47.3% in FY2011, 14.3% in North America, 13.7% market share in Asia (excluding Japan and China), and 4.4% market share in Europe. Toyota also has a strong portfolio of prestigious brands such as Prius, Camry, Toyota, Lexus, Corolla, Land cruiser, Hilux and other brands. In fact, the annual Brands Top 100 ranked Toyota a leading brand. This strong branding and market position allows Toyota to market its product with premium prices and high profit margins. Strong Focus on

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