Strengths and Weaknesses of eBags Processes

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Strengths and weaknesses of eBags processes Strengths include the fact that EBags offers over 40,000 products with 500 brand names and is considered oen of the most successful retailers in the business. They have a large diversity and have excellent relationships with manufacturers and wholesale distributors who ship products directly to customers. Their huge selection dwarfs that of the average specialty baggage store that carries only several hundred items at best. Its products are affordable to everyone whilst being under one roof. On the other hand, eBags has a challenge entering the European market due to the fact that the European market is not only fragmented but also runs on a different system with homely, family run stores that offer a different shipping experience. Being an online company and using the buffer system, eBags also has minimal contact with its clients. It therefore cannot customize its products to suit the individual customers, and gaining customer loyalty as well as trust is more challenging. EBags service blueprint for current product analysis and recommendations regarding business process reengineering The objective of eBags is to satisfy its diverse mix of customers and to provide satisfaction to each of its customers. It, therefore, seeks to have the products available to meet their demands. EBags, accordingly decided to market their product according to demand and availability (Shroeder et al, 2009). In order to possess those products

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