Strengths and Weaknesses of the Digital Planning Process

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Digital Marketing Planning - Task Three To: Jane Smith, Marketing Director, Airmiles From: Keiran Smith, Marketing Manager, Planning Solutions Subject: Strengths and weaknesses of the digital planning process Date: 23/11/10 Executive Summary In today’s competitive landscape, Airmiles understands the value of customer service and how it impacts acquisition and retention activities. The digital planning process is key in their delivery of an enhanced online customer service provision. However the process is not without it’s weakness and there are a number of barriers to success which can be overcome with the right approach. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Strengths and weaknesses of the digital…show more content…
Therefore up to date knowledge helps them assess and leverage to their benefit. Social media and mobile technologies can be utilised, enabling them to reach their market more effectively. • Consumer requirements in relation to digital technology can be identified Changes in technology have impacted consumer behaviour and the way the market behaves. An understanding of this means Airmiles can respond and incorporate relevant strategies. (Gay, 2007, p.91). Consumers are more influenced by social media, so leveraging it is essential. 4. Potential Barriers to the implementation of the plan and how these can be overcome The barriers to the successful implementation of the plan are outlined as follows: • Lack of support Management may not understand the value of the plan and hence not provide the required support and resources. Therefore communication of the benefits of improving the online service provision and the positive impact on the company would help to overcome this. If this done at the beginning, conflict can be avoided. (Gay, 2007) • Lack of expertise, skills and knowledge within the organisation Colleagues within the company may lack the skills and expertise to implement the plan. Time must be invested at the beginning to communicate the process, roles and responsibilities to highlight any gaps or issues. Training can be arranged, internal and external resources recruited to fill gaps. Communication can ensure
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