Strengths's Reflective Paper

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Strengths Reflection Essay Draft
Kelly Chisham
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs
GM 600 Management Principles
Kristen O’Connell, Ed. D.
April 15, 2015

Introduction 3
My Five Strengths 3 Achiever 3 Harmony 4 Futuristic 5 Restorative 6 Responsibility 6
How do your Strengths Finder talents support the primary planning, organizing, leading, and controlling activities of a manager? 7
Which Strengths Finder talents would you focus personal development activities on if you would pursue a management position or improve in your management current position? 9
Conclusion 9
References 11

Strengths Reflection Essay Draft
Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder
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My Five Strengths
My top strength identified was the Achiever theme. Achiever describes the need for constant achievement. Achievers have the capacity and the drive to keep taking on new challenges and strive toward new goals (Rath, 2007). This description is accurate in that I enjoy a new challenge and like to keep busy working towards anything with some sort of successful outcome. I welcome the opportunity to do something better, more perfectly, or more complete which motivates me to a higher level (Rath, 2007).
My Achiever strength helps me build trust with others. This is helpful with managing because they see my hard work ethic and dedication to get the job done. I have been told that I am the “rock” of my department. The dedication I possess to consistently improve our cancer center by setting goals to increase our patients’ care is respected and relied on to keep our standards high. I am enthusiastic and my energy is contagious to motivate others to get on board.
A barrier or hindrance of the Achiever strength is often forgetting to “celebrate” and “recognize” others and myself for a job well done. Once a goal has been achieved, my mind starts thinking of the next task at hand. I also find myself getting frustrated with others that do not possess the same drive and dedication.
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