Streptococcus Mutant and Tooth Decay

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Streptococcus mutant/Tooth Decay A new epidemic disease is on the rise, it is easily obtained but also easily preventable with the proper care of maintenance. Many people suffer from a common disease know all around the world as tooth decay. Its scientific organism name is known as Streptococcus mutant. Not only will I discuss how it can develop but also where it originated from and to inform what are some options to help maintain proper dental care if diagnosed with it and help prevent it before it forms. Whether it’s occurs genetically or physically. This will also inform how the smallest things from too much candy, to not enough flossing can lead to a painful infection or a painful budget. What most people are not familiar with is the scientific name, Streptococcus mutant. But it is commonly known as tooth decay. This organism was first documented around the 1890’s discovered by W. D. Miller whom was a dentist but also had the theory that the dental caries were form by the sugar intake and over time it caused an acidic reaction to the teeth. But aside the theories made by Miller, dental caries/decay can date back to prehistoric time. S. mutant is a common organism that is very easily to develop with that said it also can be easily prevented as well. Tooth decay is caused by many different forms of dental problems from not keeping up with oral maintenance which leads to tooth loss, gingivitis to infectious pains in the mouth. All these signs help play a roll forming S.

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