Stress Among Working Women

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INTRODUCTION Today workplace stress is becoming a major issue and a matter of concern for the employees and the organizations. It has become a part of life for the employees, as life today has become so complex at home as well as outside that it is impossible to avoid stress. Selye [1936] defines stress as “a dynamic activity wherein an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint or demand”. Organisational stress arises due to lack of person- environment fit. When organizational stress is mismanaged, it affects the human potential in the organization. It further leads to reduced quality, productivity, health as well as
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Occupational stress is an increasingly important occupational health problem and a significant cause of economic loss. Occupational stress may produce both overt psychological and physiologic disabilities. However it may also cause subtle manifestation of morbidity that can affect personal well-being and productivity (Quick, Murphy, Hurrel and Orman, 1992). A job stressed individual is likely to have greater job dissatisfaction, increased absenteeism, increased frequency of drinking and smoking, increase in negative psychological symptoms and reduced aspirations and self esteem (Jick and Payne, 1980). The use of role concepts suggests that occupational stress is associated with individual, interpersonal and structural variables (Kutz and Kahn, 1978; Whetten, 1978). Studies on burnout found that, it is related to exhaustion and work over load factors in various organisations (Green and Walkey, 1988; Chermiss, 1980; Freudenberger, 1977, 1980). Stress on the job is costly for employers, reflected in lower productivity, reduced motivation and job skills, and increased and accidents. The purpose present study is an attempt to investigate and to compare the level of stress experienced by the employees of the Nationalised banks in Chennai. The study aims to ascertain the level of stress and to analyse the various attributes which influence organizational stress on bank employees. III. SCOPE OF THE STUDY United States
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