Stress And Anxiety Of Anxiety Essay

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Feelings of anxiety are relatively normal especially when a person is under stress. Stress is also quite a normal occurrence in the workplace: strict regulations, difficult bosses, tough deadlines, continuous overtime, and overloading. It is not surprising that some employees develop anxiety and anxiety disorders. Stress and anxiety may be further exacerbated if the job requires handling of customers in settings like call centers. Ironically, it has been noticed that most employees who suffer from panic and anxiety disorder (PAD) are perfectionists, model employees in the company. Usually, these types of people pay strong attention to details, show extraordinary commitment to their jobs, and manifest a high degree of selflessness. An employee having sudden attacks of anxiety would display the following symptoms: difficulty in breathing, trembling, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and numbness. A common complaint during an attack is verbalized fear of having an impending heart attack. Sometimes, an employee escapes to a place where he feels safe whenever feelings of panic overwhelm him. The root of the problem is said to be the employee 's feelings of distrust. Therefore, education about the condition and communication in good faith are both needed to resolve the problem. Lack of faith on either side might harm the business relationship. Luckily, PAD can be treated using a variety of methods. An immediate solution to anxiety and panic attacks is the relaxation techniques.

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