Stress And Burnout Among Nurses

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Stress and burnout is always a popular issue in journal article, academic books and the press (Jonathan & Halbesleben, 2008). Professional burnout is understood as the psychological reaction to chronic work stress as well as globally recognized problem among various specialties of nursing (Maslach, Jackson & Leiter, 1996). Burnout has been reported one of the occupational hazards in the work place, which is debilitated to workers, costly to agencies and detrimental to clients (Hayes, 2010). Nursing is one of the most stressful professions, with a great degree of job stress. Moreover, due to serious budget cut in health care across Canada, it is very common among Canadian nurses to face demanding workload requiring patient concentration and long hours of work without relief, which is leading nurses to frequent turnover and burnout (CNA, 2005). Although, several researchers have conducted about stress and burnout among nurses because of poor working environment. However, the role and responsibilities of employer and employee nurses are not well defined with evidence, on which the practice can be based to create healthy workplace and prevent burnout among nurses. In this paper, I will be focus on different interventions that can be taken by the employers and nurses to build positive workplace culture and increase job satisfaction. Background Burnout occurs more frequently in nurses who work in particularly stressful areas of nursing, such as critical care, oncology, burn
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