Stress And How To Manage It Essay

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Stress and How To Manage It

Everyone has stress, and we all have different stressors. Each person has their own way of coping with stress. some ignore their problems while others face them head on. There are four types of stressors and we all experience them at some point in our lives. One of these stressors is hassles. Hassles are a part of everyday life, but if they aren't coped with, they an cause major problems.
One hassle in my life is me being constantly sick all of the time. Lately, I have had a lot of colds and flus's. Coughing, sneezing, and missing school can get really old. It is a hassle to blow my nose and take my pills all of the time. My being sick is a big hassle, but it is not really a high quality of stressor. Hassles
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The results were right because I am stressful. The questions were vague and the test was inconclusive. Like the question, “ Do you try to find more efficient ways of doing things?” If you answered yes it was supposed to mean that you were a type A personality. Wanting things to work better does not mean you are stressful, it means you are intelligent and responsible. The question,” Do late people make you mad?,” was also off.
People being late makes everyone upset, whether they are stressful or not.

The Locus of Control test was also inconclusive. It was vague and stereotyping.
The test asked if you find it useless to try to get your own way at home. Your answer could be based on your parents and not whether or not you believe in fate.
I find it useless to try to get my way at home because my parents don't listen to me or respect me, not because I believe in fate. The test said I thought my life was run y others and fate. That is wrong because I believe that my actions, the actions of others and fate all determine my life. I don't handle my stress very constructively. I waver between ignoring it or dwelling on it.
When something bad happens, like a fight with my boyfriend, I usually ignore it until it starts to bother me too much and then I dwell on it until it becomes some major issue. It's a problem I am trying to solve because I know it contributes to my health and
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