Stress And Stress Related Stress

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Stress is a common problem in modern day life today. It is a basic thing of everyday life and there is no way to completely escape it. Most people associate stress with a negative situations; however, whether the stress related problem is negative or positive, the important key is how you respond to it. People experience stress in many different ways. Because stress has negative effects, it will usually manifest itself it one way or another. Stress is not avoidable but it can be managed with different techniques. In order to minimize risks due to stress is to identify stress-related problems early. This is to avoid serious stress-related illnesses to occur. According to Hans Selye, one of the fathers of stress research, stress is considered to be a combination of situations that trigger the emotional and physical reactions. The stress response is the reactions themselves. My son studied very hard to take his drivers permit test in order to begin his driving lessons. He eventually took the test; however, he failed the test. He was so upset and disappointed for failing the test. He studied so much that he was confident he would pass the test with flying colors. In this situation, the permit test was the potential stressor. The stress response was being upset and disappointed for failing the test. This caused him to experience stress. It took him a while to pick himself up and bring him to the point to take the test again without feeling that he will fail
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