Stress And The Lgbt Teenager

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Stress and the LGBT Teenager

Stressful teens are everywhere, existing in every middle and high school, hoping to get through the day. The amount of homework, after-school activities and social scene can put a lot of demands on a teen, especially a teenage girl. But, if you are a lesbian teenage adolescent, everything gets even more difficult and can lead to problems including stress, anxiety, depression and even suicide. The teen years represent a time when children begin to discover who they are. They acknowledge their social, personal, and sexual identities. In many cases, a student will not seek help, suffering in silence and feel more pressure.
Many gay youths feel guilty about their sexuality and painfully different from their peers; they worry about the response from their families, friends, and teachers. Some teens have to go to school in a hostile environment and some encounter shame, social isolation and even bullying and cyber bullying on a routine basis. If a teen is feeling rejected or not supported by her family, she is far more likely to have these conditions. This does not mean, however, that LGBT identity itself is the cause of these challenges. These feelings are mainly due to bias, discrimination, and how they are treated in social environments.
Coming out can be a very stressful time for a teen girl. She risks family and peer rejection. Especially with technology today, the mere mention of being bi or lesbian on Instagram or Facebook can set off
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