Stress, Depression, And Your Immune System

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Stress, Depression, and your Immune System
Stress is something that is perceived by individuals as an ordinary occurrence in our everyday life. In this paper I will address how stress can affect us on every level of our being. To this point, anxiety can be and is detrimental to our overall wellbeing if not taken care of properly. This type of stress can cause a strain on our heart, kidneys, and other organs as well. Chronic stress can cause a stroke, heart attack, migraines, depression, and affect our immune system in many different ways. Healthful stress is considered good stress, this type of stress causes endorphins to be released into the bloodstream and allows us to run or fight when we are in danger. With that in mind eustress is a healthful and helpful kind of stress that is rarely mentioned (Rathus, 2014). Furthermore, I will show how we can cope with stress and provide tips for stress reduction. The term “stress” as we use it today was coined by stress researcher, Hans Selye in 1936 (Rathus, 2014). The clinical definition of stress is the demand made on an entity or organism to cope, adjust, or adapt to a situation. While some people tend to function better or well in a high stress environment. Chronic stress can put our health in jeopardy for issues such as hypertension, mental health issues, and even cardiac issues. Stressors that affect our lives is reoccurring pain, post traumatic memories, unemployment, family issues, finances, spousal or child abuse, and

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