Stress Experience By Millennial College Students Essay

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Stress in College Students
Helen W. Bland, Bridget F. Melton, Lauren E. Bigham, Paul D. Welle
Georgia Southern University, University of Georgia, Carnegie Mellon University

Author’s Note
Helen W. Bland, Department of Public Health, Georgia Southern University; Bridget F. Melton, Department of Health and Human Science, Georgia Southern University; Lauren E. Bigham, Department of Counseling Psychology,University of Georgia; Paul D. Welle, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University.

Stress experience by millennial college students can be crippling. College students are assaulted by numerous personal, educational, and social stressors. While stress is a universal and unavoidable phenomenon for college students, the difference in ability to handle stress can be attributed to stress tolerance. Stress tolerance is a phenomenon that does not look at how to avoid the numerous stressor in one’s life, but rather how one effectively copes with the stress currently present in one’s life. The various challenges and stressors associated with college may also have a negative impact on the psychological health of college students. Research is needed to identify effective tools that increase college students ' ability to tolerate and positively cope with stress. The purpose of this study was to quantify the impact of physical activity associated behaviors and exercise types significantly associated with high stress tolerance among
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