Stress : How Is It Affecting You

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Marysa Knudsen Mr. Hisner English 111 8 September 2016 Stress: How is it Affecting You Many of us are familiar with the word stress. And for most of the billions of people who live on earth there is a time or a place that we associate with stress. For you it could be school or a job or a death in the family or certain responsibilities. No matter the cause stress can affect you in two different ways: positively or negatively. Stress begins with the brain releasing the hormone CRH. The CRH tells the pituitary gland- the gland in the brain that produces most of your hormones, in case you didn 't know- to release the hormone ACTH. Then the ACTH goes to the adrenal gland and tells it to release adrenaline and other stress-causing hormones also known as: the fight or flight response. These few seemingly simple processes are what can cause either positive stress or negative stress. Positive stress also known as acute stress is what happens when you get excited or surprised. Negative stress or chronic stress is when stress becomes a problem. Chronic stress can affect you in not only emotion but also physical ways. You probably know that stress affects you mentally. But did you know that if you have chronic stress you are more likely to develop other mental disorders. Serious stress-related illnesses such as PTSD have been attributed to the different amounts of gray matter and white matter in the brain. Gray matter which stated by Robert Sanders a media representative from
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