Stress In Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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The romance story, “Romeo and Juliet” written by Shakespeare. Romeo is a boy that’s trying to fall in love and someone love him back. Rosaline does not feel the same about Romeo and is depressed. Romeo goes to a party hoping to get over Rosaline. Romeo is depressed about his unanswered love for Rosaline. Romeo goes to a party and meets a girl named Juliet, but Paris saw her first.
Paris wants Juliet to marry him. Capulet says Juliet is too young, but gives Paris permission to marry Juliet. She does not feel the same love for him. Capulet tries to convince her that Paris is a good husband, but she does not want him. Later that night, Romeo goes to a party and sees Juliet. They fall in love at first sight. Capulet hears his voice, forcing
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