Stress Lesson Pl The Stress Reduction Technique Essay

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SPH-H180- Stress Management- Lesson Plan Name: (Last, First)_Yuchan Hu__ Fill out your lesson plan and PRINT. You will hand-deliver to me on 12/1. 1. What stress reduction technique did you choose to teach someone else? I chose the time management as the stress reduction technique to teach my roommate. 2. Why did you choose this topic? I chose this topic because I know that my roommate is a student who is confused by her procrastination. She often postpones complete learning tasks although she has free time and energy. It causes her to always complete the assignments a few minutes before the dead line I think that the technique, which I obtain from this class, can help her to solve this problem. 3. Space: Describe the space in which you will host this stress reduction technique? (Example: if it is a dorm room, where will the person stand/sit/lie down? Will you have candles? Music?) I will host this stress reduction technique in our living room of dormitory, which has a blue sofa and a floor lamp. We will sit in the blue sofa to talk about the time management skills. The time management skills are not like meditation or guided imagery requires people to close their eyes or lie down, so I think that teaching my roommate skills in her sober state is the best. Thus, I do not prepare candles and music, which can relax her body and mind. 4. How will you invite your friends to join you to do this stress reduction technique? What will you tell them to wear? What to

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