Stress Management Among Bank Employees

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Pressure is part and parcel of all work and helps to keep one motivated. But excessive pressure can lead to stress, which undermines performance, is costly to employers and can make people ill. Stress is ubiquitous and has become an integral part of everyday living, an unavoidable consequence of modern living. Stress is a condition of strain that has a direct bearing on emotions, thought process and physical conditions of a person. During the past decade, the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy changes, increased competition due to the entrance of more private sector banks, introduction of new technologies, etc. Due to these changes, the employees in the banking sector are
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Chronic stress
Chronic stress is stress that lasts a long time or occurs frequently. Chronic stress is potentially damaging. Symptoms of chronic stress can be:
•Upset stomach
•Anger is the most severe cases it can lead to panic attacks or a panic disorder. There are a variety of methods to control chronic stress, including exercise, healthy diet, stress management, relaxation techniques, adequate rest, and relaxing hobbies.

(1.1.2) what is Stress?

Stress refers to the strain from the conflict between our external environment ands, leading to emotional and physical pressure. In our fast paced world, it is impossible to live without stress, whether you are a student or a working adult. There is both positive and negative stress, depending on each individual’s unique perception of the tension between the two forces. Not all stress is bad. For example, positive stress, also known as eustress, can help an individual to
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