Stress Management In Time Management

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As students graduate high school and head off to their first year of college they soon find out one of the hardest challenges is time management. Between having a job, attending classes and family obligations College freshmen are spread thin. If one does not balance these correctly it may lead to added negative stressors. The transition from a high school schedule to a college one may lead to less hours but it leads to more individual work and responsibility. One must learn to prioritize. The ABC method is one that is highly recommended (Strock,2017). This method of prioritizing uses classifying responsibilities into three categories. The A category being things that need to be handled immediately like getting your oil changed if needed. While the B category is taking things that are important, but that you have time to handle. These may include washing the car. It is important but it’s not urgent. The C category being things that are not important or of any urgency. As College student’s responsibilities increase proper time management can allow unnecessary stressors to be avoided. While poor time management can lead to more anxiety. Since the stress of not knowing if one is able to finish a paper in time or be prepared for an important text due to not studying a sufficient amount of time. Problem focused coping mechanisms like the ABC method are the best for time management. Since problem focused coping is based on facing the problem head on and finding out clear steps
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