Stress Management in Organizations

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Stress Management in Organizations Introduction Stress is quite common in almost all life situations whether at home or in the organizations. It can emanate from both internal and external causes that come about as a result of frustrations emanating from different situations in life. Stress is a significant concern to the management of any organizations for is poses a risk of low employee productivity. It can lead a number of health concerns such as hypertension and aggression (Scott, 2013) and later, if not dealt with, it can cause depression. Conflicts' between employees in an organization forms a prime source of stress for employees. The stress victim will show signs such as anxiety, disorderliness and obsession. This study tries to look at stress management in organizations. A look at Causes of stress, Diagnosis, Assessment, Implementation and Interventions are some of the aspects that highlight this topic. Causes of stress Various factors have been known to cause stress to an individual. Physical abnormalities causes stress to an individual who wishes to achieve a certain goal and is physically limited. Quite often, in an organization setup, employees may find themselves with conflicting desires, which can act a good ground that fuel conflicts between the two parties. Ethnicity as well as differences in a different religion backgrounds and political ideologies provides a good platform that can lead to stress in an organization. Each person requires basic
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