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STRESS “MAKE STRESS AS YOUR FUEL TO WORK, NOT AS OIL SPILLED ON ROAD CAUSING ACCIDENTS” S TRESS…. The most common buzz word frequently heard, used and which creates havoc in an organization. We can see people in the organizations complaining about them undergoing stress due to many reasons. On asking them what do you exactly mean by STRESS ?? Or what according to you leads to STRESS??…. The most common answer we hear from the employees is “my boss is not happy with my work, and I am not happy with my boss’s behaviour towards me…...”, “colleagues are jealous about my work being always appreciated by my boss and they don’t talk to me anymore”, “not able to balance my work life with my social life....” and many more reasons of being…show more content…
So to avoid all such circumstances mentioned above HR team and the top management has to take a call of how the changes has to be implemented so that it is being taken positively by all the employees and it turns into a success of the employees, employers and the organization as well and the success will ultimately lead to less stress as needs of each and every one is fulfilled and there are no chances of one blaming on other for work not completed or goals not achieved. On the part of employees, they should also understand that the changes made in the organization are for their own benefit and if they are not ok with the changes there will be programmes arranged which would give them the in-depth knowledge of what the change is all about and how would it benefit it to them, and there might some of the training programmes arranges which will help them learn more and more on the technical part. So the employees don’t need to worry upon if there are changes in your organization, it’s for your better future only. “CHANGE IS ALWAYS POWERFUL. LET YOUR HOOK BE ALWAYS CAST. IN THE POOL WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, WILL BE A FISH.” -OVID Why people care of what others say and take it as a burden on ourselves which leads to stress for us.... we have got only one life to live and lets live it to the fullest….. Why do we make our

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