Stress Reflection

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We have all dealt with varying amounts of stress throughout our lives. The methods we use to deal with the stress, and our belief of the effectiveness of those methods affects our psychological well-being. Although I have been stressed out many times over the past few years, I was most stressed out this past semester because I had lots of work to do. I knew coming into the semester that I probably signed up for more than I could handle, but there was nothing I could get myself to remove because I was interested in everything I signed up for. In retrospect, this semester was not as busy as I expected it to be, but there were a few weekends where I felt overwhelmed with all that I had to do. The coping strategies that I used this past semester and throughout my life are mental disengagement, active coping, focus on and venting emotions, and use of emotional social support. My preferred coping strategy is active coping because finishing the tasks at hand immediately relieves the amount of stress that I have. Nevertheless, I cannot use this strategy all the time because there are other events I must attend to before I can focus on my homework. For example, the weekend before the activity two essay was due, I had a volunteering event, a club inauguration ceremony and a party that I had to attend. I used the mental disengagement strategy to distract myself when I was at each event by fully participating in the events instead of worrying about the essay because thinking about the

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