Stress Reflection Paper

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Introduction Two work related issues that can influence people are stress and learning from past failure. These two separate issues are often closely related, for example a failure can often lead to stress. How stress is managed and how well failures are learned from can have a profound effect on an organization.
Stress effects everyone. Even Jesus experienced stress. While praying in the Garden of Gethsemane while he sweated blood because he knew that soon he would be crucified (Luke 22:44, New International Version). If God in human form isn’t immune to stress than neither should we expect to be. At my previous employer I experienced more organizational stress than I had in any other environment. In the military, I
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The promoted growth, learning, and rewarded rather than punished their employees (Lesson 8: Structure and Culture). Not only was this company great to work for but they were also a leader in their field which was consulting for CPA firms. I loved that company so much but I absolutely hated that job. It did not matter how hard I tried I could not pay attention to what it was that I was doing or find any interest in it. I was very close to my supervisor and he saw that I was becoming more and more detached at work and eventually told me that he was letting me go. He was very sincere about wishing me well and that I just wasn’t meant for that type of work. Even though I didn’t enjoy the job I felt like a complete failure but instead of letting it lower my self-esteem I used this perceived failure as a learning asset (Harold Myra, 2005). Instead of dwelling on the fact that I had been fired I used it as a learning experience for figuring out what type of career path that I would like to follow in the future and what my professional motivators where. When looking at possible career choices I now can think critically about the position and use my experience to consider if the job is something I would enjoy and have passion for or if maybe I should look for something else. God knows that we will fail, he even knew that Peter would fail, but we should look to Peter as an example of how to learn from our failures (Mathew 26:34, New International Version).

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