Stress Relief

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Stress affects human performance in so many ways that just to list the impact upon work would take half of this page. People under high stress become forgetful, are often late for work, miss appointments, have more sick days, have lower competence levels, are more irritable and difficult to get along with, are more likely to break things (by accident or intention) and are great candidates for the kinds of stress-related illnesses and accidents that drain Workers Compensation benefits.

Stress reduction must be a constant, on-going process in all our lives. It helps us avoid pain, illness and accident. And, a low-stress (or low-distress) lifestyle is certainly the most pleasant.

Once a client who was under a great deal of stress at the
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That is, they come from how we experience our selves, our work and other activities, and our relationships with other people. So, if your boss yells at you, your body is likely to react exactly the same as if you had to deal with a charging rhinoceros. Yet, you can 't literally do what your body 's prepared to do: you can 't throw your spear at him and run. That means you 're going to carry some tension from the encounter around with you until you find a way to discharge it.

Furthermore, you are likely to face many daily psychosocial stressors that cause the fight/flight response. If you don 't find satisfying resolutions to your stressors, or if there are too many stressors, or if the response is too intense, eventually you 're going to experience symptoms of stress-related illness. Stress symptoms may be physical or psychological. Physical symptoms range from muscle tension and headaches through high blood pressure and gastrointestinal ulcers to heart attacks and cancer. Psychological symptoms range from chronic anxiety through recurrent depression to complete "nervous breakdowns."

Physical activity is necessary to stress relief in helping to dissipate the stress reactions -- the flight/fight response. In addition, it helps you to:

* Reduce muscular tension of sedentary functions.
* Promote relaxation.
* Sleep easier and better.
* Concentrate better.
* Reduce pain.
* Raise mood. (Very important in
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