Stress Relief Techniques for College Students

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Stress Relief Students in college have many reasons to stress. There are classes to plan for, homework to do, tests to take, money to earn, and familial pressure to boot. Researchers have determined the top ten most common hassles associated with attending college. These include: fear about the future, lack of sleep, wasting time, smoking and its health effects from either first or second-hand smoke, their physical appearance, the feeling that they have too much to do, misplacing or losing important materials or personal property, not having enough time for the things they must do, concerns about the high standards they set for themselves or that parents or the school sets for them, and the feeling of loneliness and homesickness that accompanies college enrollment (Huffman 2012, page 97). No one can get through college without experience stressful moments. The trick is to learn how to handle this stress and in what ways the pressure can be relieved. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise. Working out by doing activities such as running outdoors, boxing and sparring, aerobics, swimming, and bicycling have been proven to have extremely positive effects on a person's mental state and their ability to handle stress. Stress is the feeling of intense pressure which people feel when they are depended upon to perform actions which overwhelm them. It is defined as "a response to a demand that is placed upon you" (Managing 2013). People's responses to stress can be

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