Stress Relief for College Students

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Everyone experiences stress in their daily life as it is from trying to get to work or school on time, handing in a project/assignment on time, doing well on exams, having a happy relationship, family problems and many more. Most stress is short term and has none or very little of an effect on a person. If stress stays long term and builds up it can be a problem. It can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Stress can cause things to happen with your body such as a high blood pressure, headaches, stomach ulcers, weaker immune system, muscle and joint pain and more. (“Effects of Stress”, May 2013, para. 2) It can also affect you mentally such as it makes you more tired, you become more frustrated, your personality can change, more anger and many more problems. (para 2) It can even lead to having a panic attack which is a quick, intense feeling that can make a person dizzy, nauseous and can make the person feel like they are having a heart attack. (para 3). Stress highly affects college students. College students are mainly stressed about tuition fees, exams, assignments, projects, and future job success. There are ways that stress can be decreased or even eliminated. Three ways that stress can be reduced are one you can reduce it by meditating or doing yoga. The second way that stress can be reduced in listening to calming and relaxing music. The third way that stress can be reduced is maintaining a healthy diet and eating foods that reduce stress and exercising
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