Stress : The Causes, Effects, And Remedies

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Stress: The Causes, Effects, and Remedies Stress is a common issue many people face today. Several studies have been done on various groups to explain their stress and the effect it has on their lives. Stress can have short-term and long-term effects which can impact physical and psychological health. Research shows that stress is connected to nearly 90 percent of health issues (Naseer, 2016). It is vital for stress to be managed and reduced for health purposes, but to do that, it must be fully understood. This paper aims to present information about stressors, symptoms, and solutions that were beneficial in some cases. The subjects in the research articles referenced include: teachers, university students, and children. Additional…show more content…
They may be anxious to get back in the car and drive again or be on the road with any driver. Financial stress also comes back into play again because once money is spent it is gone. If the accident causes an injury that prevents someone from working, then there is no income for someone working an hourly wage job. Day-to-day issues can also present as stress, like keeping up with schoolwork (Naseer, 2016). For a student who wishes to pass but may have a learning disability or simply does not easily learn through the teaching methods, it can be stressful to keep up with the work and grades. Teachers, administrators, students, and sometimes even parents can put stress on someone to do well in school. It is the expectation of success that can also be a daily stressor. Additionally, issues with oneself or situations like insecurities and peer pressure can create massive amounts of stress which will eventually take a toll on the body (Naseer, 2016). Often, a stressful situation can be categorized into multiple groups since the extenuating circumstances will branch out and lead to other stressors. Some texts will group a couple of Naseer’s presented categories together (Myers & DeWall, 2016) which can accommodate for the stress branching out notion discussed before. Persisting stress can eventually exhaustion or burnout (Austin, Shah, & Muncer, 2005; Myers & DeWall, 2016). However, this is an extreme case of stress. Symptoms of stress can
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