Stress as a Precursor of Health Problems of College Students

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STRESS AS A PRECURSOR OF HEALTH PROBLEMS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS Submitted by: Del Rosario, J. Anne Nicole D. Garcia, Jose Mari B. Yu, Mark Rainier C.S. 2 – BIO 6 September 26, 2011 Thesis Statement: College students who are exposed to extreme stress encounter several health risks. Outline: I. Introduction A. Background B. Thesis Statement II. Health Problems of College Students Caused by Stress A. Insomnia 1. Causes 2. Effects B. Obesity 1. Causes 2. Effects C. Ulcers 1. Causes 2. Effects III. Preventive Measures for Stress-Induced Diseases A. For Insomnia B. For Weight Gain C. For Ulcers D. For Stress in General IV.…show more content…
The sensitivity of the senses is dull. Mental functions like the ability to learn, remember, and concentrate are affected by insomnia. The performance level of the student in school drops. Another effect of insomnia on a student is the lack presence of mind and being unable to concentrate well. Because the student feels very tired during the day, the mind is unable to concentrate well during every task given and this may lead to dangerous consequences. For example, it is important to get at least eight hours of sleep in order to focus well on a test to be held the next day. Failure to do so may lead to failing grades. Insomnia may also cause the inability to handle problems or stress. Lack of concentration may lead to inadequate solving or handling of problems or stress. Insomnia leads to diseases. It may damage or weaken the body’s immune system. This may result in the inability of the body’s immune system to fight against diseases like fever, flu or cough. Memory loss is another negative effect of insomnia. Sleep deprivation caused by insomnia damages the memory. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School discovered that sleep protects memories from interference. A student has more chances of remembering his/her lessons after falling asleep than a student who continuously studied without getting enough sleep. Getting good sleep aids the

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