Stress at Work

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What is work-related stress?
It is well recognised that stress at work is a massive problem. Any stress can reduce employee well-being and it is well recognised that excessive or sustained work pressure can lead to stress. Occupational stress poses a risk to most businesses and compensation payments for stress are increasing. It is important to meet the challenge by dealing with excessive and long-term causes of stress.
Our annual absence management surveys show that stress is one of the most important reasons behind sickness from work and stress-related absence is increasing. * See our latest absence management survey
Pressure and stress

There is sometimes confusion between the terms pressure and stress. It is healthy and essential
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So ‘anxiety’, ‘stress’ and ’depression’ may be sufficient to qualify a person as disabled and therefore covered by the DDA, as long as there is a substantial and long-term effect (for at least a year) on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day duties. Those with clinically recognised mental health diagnoses are very likely to be covered by the Act.
If an employee is covered by the DDA the organisation has a responsibility to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of that employee. Find out more on disability in the workplace in our factsheet. * Go to our Disability and employment factsheet
Dealing with stress at work
There are four main approaches that organisations can adopt to address stress at work. These can be used together as a single initiative or may be adopted individually in a more step-by-step well-being programme. * Policy, procedures and systems audit - requires the organisation to undertake an audit of its policies, procedures and systems to ensure that it provides a working environment that protects the well-being of the workforce and that it is is able to identify troubled employees and provide them with an appropriate level of support. * Problem-centred approach - provides a problem-solving model for dealing with stress and other psycho-social issues. It takes

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