Stress in Teens: When is it too much?

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Ashley is your typical young woman. She encompasses a big group of friends and gets pretty sensible grades. She appears to have herself together. No one realizes what she has to undergo to keep herself that way. She is making an attempt to balance school, work, and sports. She feels flooded perpetually because she feels she has no time. Eventually she breaks down. She stops making an attempt in class, equal her job, and gets launched the volleyball team. Giant amounts of stress on a young person will lead them down a destructive path. Sadly this problem happens on a daily basis. Some teenagers are excellent at managing their time whereas others simply cannot handle as much on their plate. There are many various causes of stress and even…show more content…
If there is an excessive amount of and they don’t have any time for themselves they can’t de-stress and move on with the day. It regularly builds up till it is unmanageable and the teen breaks down. On the other hand, the consequences of stress will be tougher to handle than the causes. There are four main kinds of stress symptoms. The primary the first are psychological and emotional. Enclosed within the cognitive or psychological symptom category is negative thinking. “A negative attitude is self-defeating” (Gallozzi). Having a poor perspective will not fix the problem; it will only become more self-destroying. A foul attitude will result in poor judgment. An excellent example could be a straight a student who becomes stressed, begins not taking school seriously, and may potentially find themselves failing. The teenager may then begin to feel everyone seems to be against them and that they have no chance of succeeding in life. One factor leads to another then they are left with the emotional problems. “Chronic stressful life situations can increase the risk of developing depression if you aren't coping with the stress well” (Hall-Flavin). The consequences of stress can have a large emotional toll on an individual and can result in additional serious illnesses like depression if not managed properly. Sooner or later it will result in having to make medicine for the rest of their life. Moodiness and anxiety also are some key symptoms a teenager could also be

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