Stress management In the last half of 20th century, when the word started a rapid development in

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Stress management In the last half of 20th century, when the word started a rapid development in many fields, life of people is changing completely. Day by day people faced with more needs and duties which had a limited time to be complete. All those feeling and emotions that people experience during different life stages are ways in which our body expresses and responds to a particular event. It is very interesting and unbelievable how a phenomenon that was lately introduced no more than 50 years ago became one of the most significant ingredient of the life of people. Stress was first introduced by Hans Selys as a natural respond or reaction to the demands that are placed upon people in…show more content…
Stressor types are:  External  Internal External stressors include (Physical Environment, Social Interaction, Organisational, Life Events, and Daily Hassles. Internal stressors include (Lifestyle choices, Negative self-talk, Mind traps, and Personality traits. Today many people wonder about stress symptoms, because not all people are the same or the symptoms. Stress symptoms are:  Physical symptoms (Sleep pattern changes, Fatigue, Loss of sexual drive, Sweating, Pain)  Mental symptoms (Low concentration, Memory lapses, Confusion)  Behavioural symptoms (Appetite changes, Eating disorder, Alcohol & Drugs, Smoking)  Emotional symptoms (Depression, Impatience, Fits and rage, Tearfulness) Stress Management Techniques Despite all of the studies what were done in order to understand what stress is and from what sources is generating, researches have shown that there are ways and techniques that people could use in order to fight and bit the stress. It is very important to know that after you prove to yourself that you are having stress, it isn’t the end of the world. Since the science has been advancing continuously, new methods were invented in order to make people deal with stress much easier. Some of those methods are:  Changing your thinking (Re-framing and Positive thinking)  Changing your behaviour (Be assertive, Get
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