Stress on Work

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Most of the time people feel overloaded. They feel that they need to handle too much pressure that they cannot keep going. Work, school, children, taxes, are just a few examples of what surrounds a regular person that defines his whole situation as stress. It is defined as anything that challenges or threats our well-being. There are many causes of stress. The most important deal with financial problems, workplace stress, personal relationships, health and irritants. Financial problems have always been the common factor for almost every human being. Interests, taxes, quotes, government regulations, etc., play a very important role in the daily lives of people. A balance should always be kept in our personal and corporate finances and the…show more content…
This person will be desperate to get a new job but not being able to get one. In various cases these types of people start stealing to get something for their families. Most of the time they die or sent to jail. Stress is needs to be handled correctly before it handles you. Stress is a challenge itself. Being able to overcome them is what we need to focus in, handle it the best we can and feeling very positive about us. It will always be there, ready to be defeated because the human being has the absolute mental power over it. It is us that can make it grow or destroy it to improve or worsen our lives. We know our ability to handle difficult situations, we must work to improve it at all times, define our goals and the strategies to achieve them, be sure of what we want and remain focused to have a better control of our lives and be happy at all times. Conclusions and Recommendations Differences between past and present levels of stress and causes. - Through out the years, the levels of stress among people have clearly changed, but have these levels been reduced or in the other hand each passing day we have a new stress overload in our backs. Well their have been studies that each day stress levels are getting worst thanks to the constantly increasing amount of issues we have to face in our lives, specially when referring to work. It seems that twenty or thirty years ago, work stress levels where considerably

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