Stress the Main Cause of Psychological Disorders

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Stress has been identified as the cause of almost all problems and psychological disorders. Stress is often associated in workplace. Moderate stress can be a powerful form. It can help the body and mind to work well and contribute to mental health. The way to handle stress is very important in determining the mental and physical health. There are many factors that can cause an employee to got stress. New employee in the early years of duty, is particularly susceptible to stress caused by the transition of their lives at workplace. In addition, current community awareness and concern about the issues of stress at work have increased recently due to more reporting of cases and more attention given by the media to several dramatic and sometimes tragic workplace incidents perpetrated by disturbed individuals. The problems of stress at work are slowly but surely emerging as a new challenge requiring the attention and resourses of employers and manager. In many countries the problems have been shown to affect all sectors and all categories of employees. Stress incur considerable cost to an employee if viewed from the angles of physical and mental health problems, employment implications and the risk of job loss. For the company, these problems results in direct costs, such as increased absenteeism, staff turnover, reduced productivity, training and retraining. Besides that, reduced motivation, satisfaction, creativity and public relations problems, their overall impact
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