Stressful Team Workability

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The team I worked for was very stressful and difficult. Although under these conditions to be able to work with someone else, I did make the task go by much quicker. The thing about a team is that everyone has their own specific job to do and not everything is left for me to do. The team I worked for has been for a long time. I have worked as a team player since the first day I started working. The team I work for well the role I play, as a member is manager. I have to keep up with my employees as well as inventory and everything else you think of under my management position. I have been manager for four years now, before I took on the role I was a regular employee or team member like everyone else. Everyone is a part of the team; it is just things weigh a little more down on me…show more content…
Then from there I further the message given and pass it down to my other shift leaders. It is a long chain of command. The others had done stuff like make sure other employees came to work. You even had someone to make sure I did things right such as making sure all the other workers have the stuff they need to complete their job. The district manager I would say supervised the team but if anything, I was the leader because I am the manager of the store. For us to meet is an everyday agenda expect maybe twice out the week when I know it will be slow. We are a food business and our job is to get it out as fast as possible with a great presentation as well as make sure the customer was always happy. We were always efficient when it came to getting the job done. I do enjoy working on the team some days. It is such a pain you have to be willing to understand and listen but always apply pressure about the task when everyone else is off task. Communication skills are necessary. If you are not, able to know what is going on or you do not understand me, things will never be done
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