Stressors : Causes And Aspects Of Living With Single Parents

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To define a stressor, it is a major life change event that affects the person in a positive or negative way. Individuals tend to be affected by stressors over their surroundings as they are growing up. According to Kunz (2013), more stressors come from within families. From my perspective of growing up, parents are the cause an economic stressor to themselves and to a child. Becoming parents to a child has many responsibilities of custody, such as providing the minor clothes, school supplies, food, shelter, and many more basic cares. However, sometimes out of both parents, they avoid taking custody of a child. This leads the child to live with a single-parent. Kunz (2013) states that living with single parents are challenged to spare a similar income as two parents. Unlike living with both parents in a household, single-parents tend to take out more of their time to maintain a stable home for their children by having to work long hours, and still be involved in the child's life. As a result, single-parents stress themselves because they are multitasking their work and social life to meet the needs of their children while they are growing up. In my experience of being with a single-parent, a stressor is involved due to living by a low-income household. Single parents not only have to worry about providing the needs of their child but also worry about paying house bills, medical bills, and shelter. This may introduce some disadvantaged for the child because single parents

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