Stretegic Analysis of Pepsi

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Strategic Analysis of PepsiCo | | Introduction Pepsi co is a carbonated beverage that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. It is sold in stores restaurants and from vending machines. The drink was first made in the 1890s by a pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. The brand was trademarked on June 16 1903.The has been many Pepsi variants over the years since 1903 to name a few they have Diet Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi blue, Pepsi raw, Pepsi one etc. PepsiCo is situated in a soft drink industry that is dominated by Coca Cola. By the time it got into the market…show more content…
Because of they rely on trucks to move and distribute many of their products, fuel is also an important subject, so they are subject to the fuel price fluctuation, and to possible fuel crisis. Operating in International Markets involves exposure to volatile movements in foreign exchange rates. The economic impact of foreign exchange rates movements on them is complex because such changes are often linked to variability in real growth, inflation, interest rates, governmental actions and other factors. PepsiCo is also subject to other economical factors like money supply, energy availability and cost, business cycles, etc. Social influences: - Pepsi is subject to the lifestyle changes, because of it bases its advertising campaigns in a concrete kind of people with a special lifestyle, it is for that PepsiCo has to pay a special attention on the lifestyle changes. Around the world Pepsi drinkers are defined, there is a kind of people who drinks Pepsi another kind who drinks Coca-Cola; it is for that they have to pay attention to the social mobility for not losing a possible market. - Taking into account that PepsiCo is trying to introduce itself in underdeveloped markets, they have to be careful with the possible problems with the governments of this countries, and with the problems could rise from PepsiCo act with the people of this countries.

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