Stricter Gun Laws In The United States

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Over time politicians are always looking for new things to make laws about and regulate. This is no different with guns. Overall the democratic party tends to be in favor of stricter gun laws, with wanting more regulations placed on legal ownership of firearms rather than criminals. The Republican party has tended to be less focused on restricting gun ownership. The first politician that comes to mind when I think of gun regulations is Kevin de Leon from the California Senate. He is very left wing and very uninformed when it comes to guns. Just last June, Mr. Leon wanted to pass 11 more restrictions or laws on legal gun owners. “Large ammunition clips: Bans possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. Bullet buttons:…show more content…
Jim Nielsen said “Gun violence is not committed by law-abiding citizens, it is committed by criminals,” (LA Times). He said this when the 11 possible laws were being introduced. Based off of his statement it shows that he is more on the side of less laws but still keeping the ones they have. He has no history of wanting to get rid of the laws they have he just thinks that there needs to be more laws against illegal gun owners. He has put in legislation to make it a harsher sentence for a felon who is caught with a gun…show more content…
For example number four on the ATF National Firearms Act states that “a weapon made from a rifle if such weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length” (ATF) this is what is called an SBR (short barrel rifle) this means that you take a regular AR-15 and just make it smaller. In a state like Arizona you can go out and buy an AR pistol, this just means that you can not use any part of your body except your hands to brace the gun. There is essentially nothing different about the gun just how you shoot it. I think that some of the laws are good and are there to protect the community but they could be considered more of the common sense laws. One of the laws would be that if you are on a terrorist watch list you can’t purchase a gun.This also means that if you are on a no fly list you can’t purchase a gun. I also feel that having a federal background check done is a good idea just so that you are able to find people that maybe shouldn't have guns. On the flip side of that if someone who knows they aren't going to pass the background check will purchase a gun private
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