Stricter Gun Laws in America

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STRICTER GUN LAWS IN AMERICA America needs stricter measures on gun usage because other countries have clearly shown that it is possible to have a much lower percentage of gun-related violence. The obvious changes that America needs to improve on are stricter gun-control laws, and a system of education before people are allowed to own guns. Guns were used in 11,078 homicides in the U.S. in 2010, comprising almost 35% of all gun deaths, and over 68% of all homicides (Statistics on, 2012). Between 1955 and 1975, the Vietnam War killed over 58,000 American soldiers less than the number of civilians killed with guns in the U.S. in an average two-year period (Statistics on, 2012). They can cause harm, death and even destruction.…show more content…
All laws regarding handling of firearms should be made aware to them. This may seem severe to some people. But as earlier stated these very strict laws are a subject to difference between the America and Europe in the number of gun related deaths (Winkler, 2011). The responsibilities that come with the right to own a gun is one of the many struggles American have to go through today. Only had there been stricter screening processes before owning a gun, the 1969 Lock Haven Massacre may have been prevented. REFERENCES Cornell, S. (2006). A well-regulated militia: The founding fathers and the origins of gun control in America. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Goss, K. A. (2009).Disarmed: The missing movement for gun control in America. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press. Prentice, P., Coyote, P., Mangum, C., National Geographic Society (U.S.), National Geographic Television & Film., & Warner Home Video (Firm). (2009).Guns in America. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic. Statistics on gun deaths & injuries. (2012, November 16). Retrieved from Winkler, A. (2011).Gunfight: The battle over the right to bear arms in America. New York, N.Y: W.W. Norton &
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