Stricter Gun Regulations And Laws

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The United States is a country whose Founding Father’s wishes were to establish a land where freedoms are granted and to be not taken away from anyone. Citizens of the United States are free to enjoy these freedoms due to the Amendments and rights of the people. An example of one of the freedoms of people is you can legally purchase and own your very own firearms. This act is protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution written back in the year and date December 15, 1791. Now people who own firearms or any other type of gun do it for a variety of reasons such as: to hunt or for use of sport, to demonstrate or boost, and to defend themselves against anyone or anything that may severely want to harm the individual.…show more content…
In the United States, there has been numerous shootings, but almost no impactful procedure to ban or restrict them, which is the President Obama issued executive action on firearms this recent January. Some argue he does this not to take away people’s rights away, but to ensure the safety of the people. The reasons are: to keep guns from the wrong people, increase background checks, and making communities safer from guns. Guns have fallen into the hands of many people who used them on other people. Some tragedies that have happened such as the shootings in San Bernardino and the ones in Sandy Hook because they had guns. After those tragedies many people paid respects to the victims and then were in favor of gun control. This is why the president wants gun control to prevent tragedies such as these to not to happen. People only truly support it when they or someone they know has been affected with gun violence. Also the shooters themselves have statics, according to the “Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms”, it is said that “60% of perpetrators of mass shootings have displayed symptoms such as paranoia, delusions, and depression.” People such as those should not have firearms because they are the wrong people to have guns, argue gun control supporters. Background checks are essential in order to know who and how the person is before acquiring a firearm. Tragedies such as the Sandy Hook and
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