Stricter Laws on Gun Holding Permits

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In the FBI’s annual statistical report the city of Chicago had 500 homicides in 2012. According to Geier (2012) “435 of them were committed with guns” (para. 2). These statistics goes under the radar because authorities and the national media deem these murders gang related. Unfortunately, it takes a mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado; Along with a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, that killed almost a whole kindergarten class to bring light to the situation. Furthermore, there have been several other shootings and a trend that will continue to happen if serious measures are not taken. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the influx of drugs and violent crimes in certain areas of the country forced to create the Violent Crime Control and law Enforcement Act of 1994. One of the laws in the act was the restriction of certain “assault weapons with specific combat features, copy cat models and high capacity ammunition magazines” a part of the law that has since expired (Department of Justice Fact sheet, 1994 para 2). Although this law might have felt like an inadequate solution to some, it was still a response to an overwhelming crisis. Theirs ways to confront this situation without completely infringing on an individuals second amendment rights. Strengthening laws that we already have implemented in the mental health community, and imposing stricter laws holding gun safety violators accountable can be an acceptable solution to an already difficult

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