Stricter Mandatory Gun Control Laws

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To make America safer we need to be stricter on gun control laws. Although some people prefer less strict, because they feel like it limits their rights. Legislators need to update the background check system, enforce mandatory courses and safety training. Gun control has become one of the biggest topics in the USA over the years, some are in favor of stricter gun control laws and others are against. Moreover guns are the cause of the majority of the crimes in the US, and stricter laws should be applied immediately. It is extremely unpleasant to see that people are dying every day because of guns and no one is doing anything about it. Instead of making progress we are regressing as a country when it comes to gun control laws. In order to make America a safer country people need to be aware and legislators should take control. In this society it’s so easy to have access to firearms. Studies have shown that there has been 16,082 incidents of gun violence since the year has started, and it is rising every day ( A number of people own firearms, but when individuals with a history of violence, mental illness and substance abuse it’s easily accessible. Due to our weak gun laws death and violent situations will increase. Legislators should first enforce stricter background checks. Federal law only requires licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks. And I think that’s where the problem starts, buyers as well need to go through a series
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