Strictly Ballroom - Perspectives on Belonging

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Certain texts raise certain perspectives about belonging, whether it be belonging to particular groups through conformity to rules, or belong to a place where you find inspiration to express your own sense of individuality. The film Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrmann portrays many different perspectives in regards to belonging. The opening scenes of Strictly Ballroom explore aspects of not belonging and non-acceptance. To belong to the world of ballroom dancing means sacrificing self-expression and individual identity. Scott Hastings represents the individual who repels against the group as it threatens to consume him. From this we understand that some people may have to sacrifice their own true identity to belong to a certain…show more content…
Barry Fife is depicted dominant over the rest of the Ballroom community. Luhrmann portrays Barry’s dominance through visual techniques. Barry is shown in the centre of the Ballroom Dancing officials during competitions. This central positioning is a clear indication of supremacy over even the officials of the Ballroom Dancing Federation. Luhrmann uses low angles of Barry as he is first presented to the audience. These low angles position us to feel Barry Fife’s dominated position in the Ballroom Dancing Federation as he looks down onto us. Both visual techniques of Barry Fife assert his position as leader of the Ballroom Dancing Federation and emphasise his strong believe in the conformity to the strict rules and regulations of the Ballroom Dancing Community. From the Ballroom Dancing community we come to recognize that certain groups find a sense of belonging through similar dress and appearance, conformity to certain rules and regulations and all under a hierarchy of leaders. Although, this sense of belonging is not for everyone. People within the group may gain a strong sense of identity and feelings of importance. Strictly Ballroom shows that the desire to establish identity often revolves around rebellion and breaking free from the group. This involves courage and the development of self. To truly belong means being able to be ourselves. Within the Ballroom Dancing community, there is a clear indication that there are people who do not
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