Striker for Hire

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“Striker for Hire”

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“Striker for Hire”
Dane Striker recently joined in Nirvana Forensics Agency. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) & preparing to attend the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. He used to work as a freelance Forensic Accountant & successfully investigated some fraud cases in different reputed company. He prefers to work in production oriented sensitive business environment & like to detect embezzlement, fraud & intensive data analysis.
After joining this company his old client referred his company to a reputed Zipper company for a new assignment. The company name
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Our zipper’s price covers that sample zippers cost & profit as well.
Striker : So it means you already charged that with their bulk order.
Uddin : Yes.
Striker : Mr Robinson (CEO), I would like to visit your factory & also your corporate office.
Robinson : No problem at all. We will introduce you as our Business Development Specialist from our Europe division and you will be here to see our overall business operation.
CEO scheduled 2days program for Factory & corporate office visit for Striker. Next day Striker visits the MKK’s zipper factory & observed the overall production to dispatch process. The following day he visits corporate office & request to meet with the sales department.
Initial Findings
Striker checked factory has sample zipper unit. This unit is totally different unit than the bulk production units. Factory has another production unit that is called Urgent Production Unit. He checked with the Factory Manager Dustin Vance to make sure the purpose of this unit. He said they needs to use this unit if any order has any wrong zipper production or if their customer requests for any zippers as an urgent basis.
After lunch he discussed with production officer Eric Hines & he showed how they handle their bulk production, monitored the whole production process which is operated by computer software. Then Dispatch Officer Rui Costa explained their dispatch process &
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