String Theory

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String theory and Universal Theories

If we can take a looks garment from a sweater, and pull one string such as in a cartoon, the sweater will untangle leaving a pile of string on the floor. Basically what this implies is we break down something in its simplest form, and all we have left are tiny bits of string, which is basically similar to “String Theory”.

string theory uses a model of one-dimensional strings in place of the particles of quantum physics. These strings, the size of the Planck length vibrate at specific resonant frequencies. The formulas that result from string theory predict more than four dimensions but the extra dimensions are "curled up" within the Planck
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M-Theory proposes an 11th dimension that mathematically rids the theory of any further anomalies. In this 11th dimension a string could acquire enough energy to expand infinitely into what scientists call a floating membrane. According to the theory, our universe exists on a floating membrane, along with infinite parallel universes on their own membranes. From this foundation, it was further found that (mathematically) gravity might “leak” into our membrane from another nearby membrane, accounting for its relatively weak force in comparison to the other forces.
By introducing the 11th dimension, M-Theory successfully united the “competing” theories of string theory. Scientists saw the different theories were actually multiple ways of approaching the same theory, much like the old proverb about the blind men each touching a different part of an elephant offering seemingly conflicting observations. M-Theory also provided another crucial aspect of the puzzle in that it explained how the Big Bang might have occurred, with two membranes colliding. The energy produced from such a collision is mathematical consistent with what is known from existing science.
I often think about life, and how small we are in the universe, and if my life has any meaning whatsoever. When people say we are just a small piece of the puzzle, I guess that makes sense, but in the scheme of things and

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